Monday, October 25, 2021

South Korea: Busan

On 3rd August I got a postcard from South Korea. 

The card shows a view of Busan. Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and a centre of economy, culture and education. Its port is the busiest in Korea and the sixth-busiest in the World and the surrounding economic zone is South Korea's largest industrial area. As Busan was one of the few areas in Korea that remained under the control of South Korea throughout the Korean War, for some time it served as a temporary capital of the Republic of Korea. Since 2014 is Busan part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as City of Film. Talking about films, you might know the movie Train to Busan or remember the Black Panther scenes set in this city. 

I had swapped for this card in late 2020, but due to mail suspensions it was just sent out in late July 2021. Both South Korean Year of the Ox stamps (issued 01-12-2020) were used here and once again this is a very nice set.

Thank You very much Jina!

Sam-Quito's Postmark Covers of July

After the first post of this type for June, here are now all US covers with special postmarks sent by my mail friend Sam-Quito that arrived in July. 

The first cover of the month already arrived on 2nd July. The postmark is from Chatsworth in Illinois and another of those date meets zip code postmarks. They must be very popular in the USA. The four stamps on the right form a complete set about the National Postal Museum (issued 30-07-1993). On the left is one about the 50th anniversary of New Mexico's Statehood (issued 06-01-1962). 

The card inside shows the Valles Caldera in New Mexico. On the backside it has a related postmark. 

On 5th July arrived this cover about the USMA Class of 2025, which began its training at West Point this year. The stamps are from a set of eighteen tracing the evolution of the US Flag (issued 14-06-2000).

New Mexico's state capital Santa Fe is depicted on the card in the cover. Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in the USA and also the state capital with the highest elevation, but it is also a rather small city and just the fourth largest city in its state. 

Six covers arrived on 10th July. More flags are used here and the postmark is about the North Carolina Civil War & Reconstruction History Center, a museum which is not yet open.

The card shows the Sandia Mountains. The highest peak of this New Mexican mountain range is 3255m high, which is actually higher than Germany's Zugspitze.. 

The second cover of the day has more flags and a postmark of the Knoxville Public Library.

The card is again from the Sandia Mountains and shows the Sandia Peak Tramway. This aerial tramway has the World's third longest single span, is the longest aerial tram in the Americas and was the longest in the World from 1966 until being surpassed in 2010. Strange that I have never heard of this region before. You get to know so many interesting places around the World when collecting postcards!

Third cover of the day celebrates the Bicentennial of Missouri's Statehood. Two stamps from the set about Wild and Scenic Rivers (issued 21-05-2019) were used on it.

Mission at Sunset is all that is written on the card.

The other three covers of the day as well as another one of the 12th July all bear postmarks about submarines. Looking at the postmarks they travelled very long.

On 20th July arrived the next cover. The stamps on the right complete the set of Distinguished American Diplomats (issued 30-05-2006) started in June and on the left is one about the Great River Road (issued 21-10-1966). The postmark is about the Rally of Hope.

The present San Geronimo Chapel at Taos is shown on the card. Earlier this year I already got a card of the original chapel that was destroyed in 1847. This one was completed in 1850.

The first of three covers of the 22nd July got an interesting postmark inscribed the Magic of Movies. Two sets of stamps were started on this cover, which were both completed before the end of the month. The two stamps on the right are from a set of twenty about Legends of Baseball (issued 06-07-2000) and the other stamp is from a nice set about Heritage Breeds (issued 17-05-2021). This stamp shows a Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. 

Some Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast are shown on the card.

Second cover of the day comes from Puerto Rico and commemorates sculptor Rafael Lopez Delcampo. Two Baseball Legends are accompanied by a Cotton Patch Goose.

The card welcomes you to the City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico, a small area known for its rock formations.

A Wyandotte Chicken brought the last cover of the day all the way from Seward in Nebraska, the home of Hughes Brothers manufacturing Hardware for the Electric Utility Industry since 1921.

The card shows again the Sandia Peak Tramway.

On 23rd July arrived two more covers. The first has two more Legends of Baseball, a Mulefoot Hog and a postmark about the Pony Express. Just this morning I watched a YouTube video about Philatelythings about the Pony Express. Go check out her channel!

From one of the World's most famous national parks comes this view of Tower Falls. Yellowstone National Park will turn 150 next year. I am sure there is a stamp coming up. 

This postmark on the second covers celebrates the Bicentenary of the Union County in Indiana and not as I first thought of Indiana as a whole. A San Clemente Island Goat is shown on the right stamp.

I really like this card of Mount Vernon, the former plantation of George Washington.

The 24th July had a total of five covers, but this is definitely the best. I love this postmark about Conan the Barbarian!

The card shows a rather uncommon view of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. The Carlsbad Caverns National Park is actually famous for its show cave, Carlsbad Cavern. Established as national park in 1930, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

A Milking Devon Cow, two Legends of Baseball and another postmark about Missouri's Bicentenary are on the second cover of the day.

Here is another place that looks very interesting. Their website reads as follows: "The Magdalena Public Library and Boxcar Museum is a tribute to the colorful history of the village of Magdalena. Located in southwest New Mexico, this restored Santa Fe Railroad Depot provides access to books, movies, audio books, cds, public use computer terminals, wifi, and so much more. The Boxcar Museum displays pictures and artifacts from days gone by in the Magdalena area."

Here you can see an AmericanMammoth Jackstock, but unfortunately I can not make out what the postmark is about. 

Recently I mentioned that I so far only had one card of Los Angeles. Here is my second one.

The Narragansett Turkey brings this cover from Elkader in Iowa, which is actually named after Muslim Algerian leader Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza'iri.

San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eight largest in the USA. This was in 1542 the first site visited and settled by Europeans on the West Coast of the United States. Known for its mild climate, the city has become a centre of biotechnology in recent years. Believe it or not, but this is actually my first view card of San Diego. Earlier I only had a card of the Giant Panda in the city's zoo.

The last cover of the 24th July had stamps of three flags, Thomas H. Gallaudet (issued 10-06-1983) and Harry S. Truman (issued 26-01-1984) and a postmark about Yogi Berra. 

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad shown on the card is a narrow-gauge heritage railroad in Colorado. Originally opened in 1882 to transport silver and gold ore mined from the San Juan Mountains, the line has run continuously since then, although it is now a tourist and heritage line hauling passengers. It is one of the few places in the USA which has seen continuous use of steam locomotives. 

On 27th July arrived two covers. The 150th anniversary of Laddonia in Missouri is celebrated on this first postmark of the day. The stamp on the right shows an American Cream Draft Horse together with a foal.

This is a strange looking place that might come directly from a dystopian movie. It is actually Mono Lake in California, a saline soda lake and critical habitat for two million annual migratory birds.

The second cover of the day bears the Legends of Baseball stamp of the only man I had heard of from the entire set. Not sure why I actually of heard of Babe Ruth though. Baseball is not really popular here in Germany. Also this stamp of a Cayuga Duck completes the set about Heritage Breeds as well as the other two stamps complete the other set. The postmark celebrates the 50th anniversary of wild horses in in town called Emblem in Wyoming.

In the cover was this nice card of the University of Minnesota, the third largest university in the USA and one of the best public universities in the country. Two vicepresidents as well as Bob Dylan studied there. 76 Olympic Medals and 26 Nobel Prizes are also connected with the university.

This is one of my favourite US stamp sets ever and I just realise now that it is actually called Space Discovery (issued 01-10-1998). Space Fantasy might be a better name. The postmark is about the Centenary of the Lakehurst Hangar No. 1, which was the intended destination of the rigid airship LZ 129 Hindenburg prior to the disaster on 6th May 1937. The cover arrived on 28th July.

The card shows an old travel poster, but nowhere is written where this place is.

This cover also arrived on 28th July and the stamps are from a set of fifteen about Cloudscapes (issued 04-10-2004). The card shows again the Magdalena Public Library and Boxcar Museum and luckily there is another imprint of the postmark on the card. It is about the Viking Days in Viborg.

The last cover of July arrived on 30th July. Three more flags are used here and a postmark from the Duck Stamp Station in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

This card shows the grave of Billy the Kid, one of the most famous Wild West persons. Reading his Wikipedia entry, he was no nice guy. I have to confess that I never enjoyed Wild West stories.

Thank You very much Sam-Quito!