Saturday, 30 March 2013

Austria: Kirchberg in Tirol

Today I got another postcard from my mum. The card need more then one week longer than the other card she sent to me. But she say that she sent both cards on the same day in the same city!

with sweet stamps:
the little "Ich bin Ich" (issued 27-03-2012)
and two flower stamps (issued 25-08-2007)!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Germany: Berlin

 Today I got a beautiful postcard from my mum when she visited Berlin.

With nice stamp:
Janosch (issued 01-03-2013)
I wait so long for this stamp and when it was issued I bought 30 stamps (or maybe more)!

Cover from Kazakhstan

Today I got a cover from Kazakhstan.
The cover was stamped with nice stamps:
Famous people from set of five (issued 2012) and
two Definitives (issued 2011)!
In the cover were many beautiful things from Kazakhstan:
the 1 and 2 Kazakhstani tenge coins,

two stamps:
a used stamp of the Soviet Union (issued 22-04-1989, with first day postmark) and
the Famous people stamp like the one on the cover,

a old postcard (from 1987) of a old Cathedral which is now a Museum of regional studies
and a leaflet of the movie "Red Dawn".

Thank You Dayana for this many beautiful things!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Serbia: Belgrade

Yesterday I got this beautiful postcard. On the front are some views of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and on the backside are the Serbian stamps celebrating the Year of the Snake. Thank You for this beautiful postcard Jovana!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cover from Slovenia

Today I got this beautiful cover from Slovenia! On the Cover is a heartformed stamp (issued 25-01-2013). Thank you Mateja!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Austria: St. Johann in Tirol

 Today I got this postcard from Austria. My mum sent it to me when she was there with her boyfriend. I was there too in summer.

Liechtenstein: Year of the Snake

This is a Christmas gift of my mum! Last year she bought some maxicards in the online shop of the post in Liechtenstein! On the front is the Year of the Snake stamp (issued 12-11-2012), the second Lunaryear stamp from Liechtenstein! 
Everything what is green on the stamp is not really there! It is cut out!