Sunday, 21 April 2013

Japan: My first Totoro card!

Yesterday I got my first postcard from Japan and it is a Totoro card! I really love Totoro he is so cute! This card was illustrated by Hayao Miyazaki and is a charity card for Totoro Fund preserving the Sayama Hills (The Homeland of Totoro)!

And a great stamp:
International Polar Year (the Polar bear sparkles) (from set of four) (issued 30-06-2009)
and a beautiful postmark!

Thank You very much Ai for this great postcard!

Hong Kong: Giant Panda

On Tuesday I got a great postcard from Hong Kong! The postcard shows a Giant Panda from the Hong Kong Ocean park! In Hong Kong live 4 Pandas coming as a present from China! I really love Pandas and this postcard is a great start for my Giant Pandas in zoos collection!

 And the stamps are great too:
Definitive shows a Collared Scops Owl (issued 31-12-2006),
150th Anniversary of stamp issuance (issued 08-12-2012)
and a new Year of the Snake stamp for my collection (issued 26-01-2013)

Thank You so much Louise for this great card!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

China: Le Yangyang

On Monday I got two postcards one from China and one from Russia. The card from China shows Le Yangyang one of the mascots of the 16th Asian Games.

It is a prepaid card which was added with some great stamps!

Thank You Dorany!!

Russia: Cars

On Monday I got two cards one from Russia and one from China. The card from Russia shows two crashed cars.

Olympic Winter Games in Sochi-Mascots (issued 27-02-2012)
and 50 years WWF (issued 26-09-2011)

Thank You so much Elena!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Singapore: Snake

On Wednesday I got my first card from Singapore! 

With the whole set of the Year of the Snake stamps (issued on 04-01-2013).
Thank You Ben!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Indonesia: Bears

 Yesterday I got this sweet postcard from Indonesia!
With cool stamps:
Year of the Snake (two from set of three) (issued 22-01-2013)
the left shows the Javan Spitting Cobra
and the right shows "Dewa Ruci" (a Wayang tale about a fight between Bima and a snake from the ocean)
Thank You so much for this sweet card, Surfia!