Sunday, 9 June 2013

Czech Republic: Krtek on Rocket

On Wednesday I got three postcards. One of them was from the Czech Republic. The card shows the mole or also called Krtek by Zdeněk Miler (1921-2011). In 1957 Krtek was showed the first time on Czechoslovakian TV. At beginning Krtek was able to speak, but then Zdeněk Miler decided that everybody should understand him, so now he just make some sounds. The music was composed by Miloš Vacek and since 1974 by Vadim Petrov. Since 2002 there are no new episodes.

With nice matching stamp:
Krtek on Rocket (issued 29-05-2013)
and special Krtek postmark

Thank You so much Pavel!


  1. Hi! Greetings from Poland! That's a very nice postcard. I'm collecting Krtek postcards. Could you tell me who published this postcard? I'll be very grateful!

  2. Hello!
    First Thank You for visiting my blog!
    And Second the card has been published by ALBI.
    I do not know if this helps you. :)