Monday, 23 June 2014

Japan: Aomori's Gotochi cards

Today I got a big envelope from Japan.

FIFA World Cup (two from set of nine) (issued 12-05-2014)
Takarazuka Revue (from set of ten) (issued 01-04-2014)
Traditional Craft (from set of ten) (issued 25-10-2013)

Inside was the complete set of Aomori's Gotochi cards.
Aomori is located in the Tohoku region on Honshu. Aomori is the northernmost prefecture of Honshu.

The card of 2009 shows two apples. Aomori is Japan's largest producer of apples.

I got also a small one of this card which is according to the sender not on sale.

The card of 2010 shows the Nebuta Festival. It is held in Aomori in summer. It is counted among the three biggest festivals of the Tohoku region.

The card of 2011 shows a Thunnus.

The card of 2012 shows a garlic.

The card of 2013 shows a man playing Tsugaru-shamisen music. The Tsugaru-shamisen is a genre of music originated in the Aomori prefecture.

The card of 2014 shows a shell used as a pot. This is called Kaiyaki miso (?).

Thank You very much Takashi!

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