Sunday, 4 September 2016

Collectibles from the Team "Erlebnis: Briefmarken"

Yesterday the Team "Erlebnis: Briefmarken" of the Deutsche Post was in my hometown, so I was able to buy some collectibles for my collection.

The Team "Erlebnis: Briefmarken" came at the invitation of the Jakob-Kemenate to cancel postcards and covers with a special postmark about their new exhibition "The Art of John Lennon".

I got a special cover at the Jakob-Kemenate, franked it with a new stamp (issued 01-09-2016) and got the special postmark about the exhibition.

One Maxicard, which I bought, shows the Altar of the Town and Parish Church of St Mary's in Wittenberg. The Town and Parish Church of St Mary's is considered to be the mother-church of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther and Johannes preached there and the first mass in German was celebrated in the church. The Altar was created by Lucas Cranach the Younger and his father and is known as Reformation's Altar. As one of the Luther Memorials in Wittenberg is the church since 1996 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The stamp was issued on 1st October 2015 and celebrates the 500th birthday of Lucas Cranach the Younger.

A special postcard I bought shows the old English Lighthouse on Heligoland. The English Lighthouse was built in 1811. It was an important aid to navigation in the German Bight, but it was torn down after the inauguration of a new lighthouse in 1902. The lantern and optics of the English Lighthouse were moved to the Staberhuk Lighthouse on Fehmarn.

Lighthouses (from set of two) (issued 07-07-2016)
with a special postmark about the Lighthouse Day on Heligoland

Another maxicard I bought shows the Chapel of Grace in Altötting. The Chapel of Grace is an important pilgrimage site. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is known for the many healings which have taken place there.

The stamp was issued on 2nd May 2016 and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Shrines of Europe.

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