Saturday, 3 June 2017

Finland: Centenary of Independence

In the course of this week I got four postcards from Finland.

One of them is the special postcard designed by Postallove for the Centenary of Finland's independence. Finland declared its independence from the Russia on 6th December 1917. Shortly after the independence was approved by Russia, the German Empire and the Scandinavian countries. A civil war, quarrels with the Soviet Union and the time of World War II followed, but Finland was able to develop a stable democratic and market-based system. In 1995 Finland joined the European Union and in 2002 it introduced the Euro. For the Centenary of Independence in 2017 many events are planned in Finland including the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and the European Stamp Exhibition in Tampere.

With a great stamp:
The Moomins Time Travel (from set of five) (issued 24-05-2017)
with a special postmark of the Moomin Museum

Thank You very much Anu!

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