Sunday, 24 June 2018

Germany: History of Rostock

Last Saturday I got three postcards: two from Germany and one from the Åland Islands.

One of the cards from Germany is the Chronicle card of Rostock. Rostock was first mentioned in 1161 and in 1218 it got the town privileges. In 1259 it was a founding member of the Hanseatic League. In the following centuries the city flourished and in 1419 the university was founded, but from than on its importance declined. In 1573 it was forced to accept the sovereignty of the Dukes of Mecklenburg. Although the Thirty Years' War marked another setback, the city still owned a large Baltic Sea fleet, which numbered 378 ships in 1870. During the Second World War the city was badly damaged and after the war the city became the largest port, the most important shipbuilding place and a district capital in the German Democratic Republic. Since 1990 it is a part of the German State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
I got this card a few weeks ago in a cover.

With a matching stamp:
800 years Rostock (issued 07-06-2018)
with a matching special postmark

Thank You very much Karl-Heinz for sending me the card in an envelope!

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