Saturday, 9 March 2019

Italy: Field of Ghina in Borgolavezzaro

On Tuesday I got a postcard from Italy.

It shows the Field of Ghina in Borgolavezzaro. The Field of Ghina is a small botanical garden which gives an inside in the flora of the Province of Novara. As a small curiosity all plants are classified with names in Latin, Italian and a local dialect.

Italian Mail (issued 13-02-2013)
Famous Italian Singers (from set of two) (issued 10-02-2018)
Mia Martini, whose real name was Domenica Bertè, was born in 1947. In 1982 she was awarded the first critics award at the Sanremo Music Festival, which was later entitled to her. She also represented Italy twice at the Eurovision Song Contest, once in 1977 with Libera and once in 1992 with Rapsodia. Mia Martini died in 1995. 
with an awesome special postmark about this year's Sanremo Music Festival

Thank You very much Davide!

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