Saturday, 18 April 2015

Canada: Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo

Today I got four postcards: one from Canada, one from France, one from the United Kingdom and one from India.

The card from Canada shows one of the Giant Pandas from the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo is home to more than 5000 animals of over 450 species and is thus the largest zoo in Canada. It opened in 1974. Since 2013 houses the zoo two Giant Pandas. They are called Da Mao (male) and Er Shun (female). The card shows Er Shun. They are on a 10-year Canada tour and will stay in Toronto until 2018, when they will move to Calgary.

Monarch butterfly (issued 31-03-2014)
Aeshna canadiensis (from set of five) (issued 12-10-2007)
Year of the Ram (from set of two) (08-01-2015)
White-tailed deer (from set of two) (issued 20-10-2005)
Hippodamia convergens (from set of five) (issued 12-10-2007)

Thank You very much Wiebke!

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