Sunday, 24 May 2015

Russia: WWI Hero from Tula

On Thursday I got four postcards: one from Russia, one from Germany and two from Canada.

The card from Russia shows Georgiy Dergachov. He was born in the Tula region and participated in World War I.

70 years Victory in World War II (from set of three) (issued 02-04-2015)
with a special postmark

Thank You very much Kira!


The sender sent me a translation of the text on the card. Here it is:
(upper line): Tula citymen - St. George's cavaliers of WWI (the same is written on postmark)
(lower line): Dergachyov Georgiy Ivanovich
(text): ...departed to the front of WWI in 1914 consisting of 11th Infantry Regiment of the Pskov.

He fought in the regimental machine-gun team. For the merits in the battles in the South-Western Front he was awarded the soldiers' crosses of St. George of all 4 degrees and medals of St. George. 

At the front of WWI he went from ordinary soldier to Ensign

(line under photo): Machine-gun team of 11th Infantry Regiment of the Pskov

(backside text): It was already found seven cavaliers of St. George to 2015 who was born in Aleksin county of Tula region and who was awarded during WWI

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