Sunday, 30 October 2016

Germany: First German Airmail

On Wednesday I got a postcard from Germany.

The card is a reproduction of the postcard printed for the first German airmail. On 19th May 1912 Mannheim and Heidelberg became the first German cities to be connected by airmail. For the event special postcards were printed. 30000 postcards were posted, but on the airplanes was only enough space for 3000 cards, so the most cards only got the postmark but were not really in the air. 
I bought this card in my hometown.

With a matching stamp:
100 years First German Airmail (issued 13-09-2012)
with a special postmark about World Post Day

I also sent to myself another cover about World Post Day.

With nice stamps:
Sending Mail (whole set) (issued 12-04-2007)
Receiving Mail (whole set) (issued 20-09-2007)

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