Monday, 27 November 2017

Morocco: Hassan Tower in Rabat

Last Monday I got my first two postcards from Morocco.

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in North Africa. In 1956 it became independent from France. Morocco claims the territory of Western Sahara, which was a Spanish protectorate until 1963. The internationally recognized territory of Morocco borders on Algeria and Western Sahara, which also borders on Mauretania. Mohammed VI is the current King of Morocco.

One of the cards shows the Hassan Tower in Rabat. Rabat became the capital of Morocco in 1912 and under French rule the city was rebuilt. Since then the city blends historic and modern features. Today it is the fifth largest city of the country. The Modern Capital and Historic City of Rabat is since 2012 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2016 United Nations Climate Change Conference (from set of two) (issued 07-11-2016)

Thank You very much Edgar!

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