Saturday, 25 November 2017

New Zealand: Sheep

Last Tuesday I got a postcard from New Zealand.

It shows a sheep on a tractor. In New Zealand there are seven sheep for every person and they are an important part of the country's economy.

With many nice stamps:
Café Culture (from set of five) (issued 04-05-2005)
Christmas (from set of three) (issued 01-10-1980)
Music in New Zealand (from set of four) (issued 05-11-1986)
Sea Resources (from set of five) (issued 07-06-1978)
Health (from set of two) (issued 02-08-1978)
Architecture (from set of four) (issued 07-04-1982)
Sheels (from set of six) (issued 29-11-1978)
Anniversaries (from set of six) (issued 07-02-1980)

Thank You very much Sharon!

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