Sunday, 15 April 2018

Germany - Japan - USA: Peanuts Chaincard

On Tuesday I got a very special card: My first ever Chaincard.

As the German Post issued the great Peanuts stamps in early March and as I knew that some other countries issued Peanuts stamps as well, I decided to organise a Peanuts Chaincard on Instagram. The card started its journey in Germany in early March, travelled to Japan, the USA and then back to Germany. Now there are seven different Peanuts stamps on the card.

Germany - Peanuts (whole set) (issued 01-03-2018)
Japan - Snoopy and Letters (two from set of twenty) (issued 10-05-2017)
USA - A Charlie Brown Christmas (three from set of ten) (issued 01-10-2015)

Just like the Peanuts card which I turned into a Maxicard I also got this card from a Postcrosser in Japan. So this card travelled from Japan to Germany, back to Japan, to the USA and finally back to Germany, in total around 35000km.

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