Thursday, 5 April 2018

My Trip to Bad Grund

On Saturday I was in Bad Grund and there I bought some cards for my collection.

Bad Grund is a town in the western Harz mountains in the German State of Lower Saxony. It is the oldest of the seven mining towns in the Harz and has a long mining history. 

The Iberg Dripstone Cave was discovered in the 16th century and in 1874 it was opened to the public as show cave. In 2008 the Cave Experience Centre was opened, which consists of the cave and two museums next to it. The Iberg Dripstone Cave is today one of the most popular show caves in Germany. 

The Knesebeck Pit was a part of the ore mine Grund, which operated until 1992 and was thus the last ore mine in Germany. It is now used as mining museum and is as part of the Upper Harz Water Management System on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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