Saturday, 12 May 2018

Estonia: Hotel Viru in Tallinn

On Monday I got a postcard from Estonia.

It shows the Hotel Viru in Tallinn. The Hotel Viru was opened in 1972 when Estonia was a part of the Soviet Union. It was the first skyscraper in Tallinn and until 1980 the only hotel in the city with international standard. As the hotel was mainly used by guests from non-socialist countries, the KGB installed listening devices. Famous guests include Neil Armstrong and Elizabeth Taylor.

Centenary of the Estonian Ballett (issued 29-04-2018)
Centenary of Estonian Scouting (issued 07-11-2012)
Posthorn (from set of three) (issued 18-01-2017)
Posthorn (from set of three) (issued 19-05-2016)
with a special postmark about this year's EUROPA stamps

Thank You very much Jaan!

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