Sunday, 6 May 2018

Thailand: Maxicards

On Thursday I got two maxicards from Thailand which were fixed together by tape, a postcard from Japan and a postcard from Australia.

The first maxicard shows the Wat Klang Ming Muang in Roi Et. The Wat Klang Ming Muang is an ancient Buddhist temple. It is known for its murals. 

The stamp is from a set of four and was issued on 2nd April 2018 for the Thai Heritage Conservation Day. 

The second maxicard is about the Rocket Festival. The Rocket Festival is a three day long festival celebrated at the beginning of the wet season. Its highlight is the competitive firing of home-made rockets on the third day.

The stamp is from a set of four about Thai Traditional Festivals and was issued on 4th April 2018.

Tourism (from set of ten) (issued 05-07-2012)

Thank You very much Cherry!

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