Thursday, 29 January 2015

Canada: Le 178ieme Bataillon Canadien-Français des cantons de l'est

Today I got seven postcards. One of them is from Canada.

It shows the World War I poster Le 178ieme Bataillon Canadien-Français des cantons de l'est. It was created in 1915 by The Mortimer Co. Limited. 
Canada declared war on the German Empire on 5th August 1914 although they were at war already one day earlier as Canada was a dominion of the United Kingdom. For operation in World War I the Canadian Expeditionary Force was formed. The war allowed Canada to become more independent and otherwise also opened a big rift between the French and English speaking Canadians.

With many nice stamps:
Year of the Snake (issued 05-01-2001)
International Philatelic Youth Exhibition (from set of five) (issued 11-03-1982)
Legendary Canadians (two from set of four) (issued 15-08-1998)
James Naismith (from set of three) (issued 25-10-1991)
Canadian Flag
Hippodamia Convergens

Thank You very much Jason!

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