Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ross Dependency: Snares Islands

Today I got four postcards: one from the Ross Dependency and three from Germany.

The card from the Ross Dependency shows a group of Snares Crested Penguins on the Snares Islands. The Snares Islands are located 100km south west of Stewart Island. The Snares Islands are the southern most islands with trees. The Snares Crested Penguin is the one of five endemic species on the Snares Islands. Since 1998 are the Snares Islands together four other sub-antarctic island groups on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

With great stamps:
Penguins of Antarctica (two from set of five) (issued 19-11-2014)
It is a joint issue with Greenland.
Penguins are the most commonly found birds in Antarctica. The stamps show an 
Emperor Penguin and an Adélie Penguin. 

The card arrived in a foil bag as it was missent to Brunei.

Thank You very much Sharon!

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