Thursday, 29 January 2015

USA: National WWI Museum

Today I got seven postcards. Two of them are from the USA.

One of them shows the National WWI Museum in Kansas City in the State of Missouri. The National WWI Museum opened as Liberty Memorial Museum in 1926 and since 2004 it is the official World War I museum of the USA. 
At the beginning of World War I the USA remained neutral. But in 1915 the USA were involved in it when they demanded the end of the unrestricted submarine warfare of the German Empire after the sinking of the HMS Lusitania. The German Empire fulfilled this demand. But when the German Empire resumed the unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917 the USA declared war. Although not joining the Triple Entente the USA supported it with supplies and sent soldiers to the western front. Until the end of World War I the USA played an important role.

Global Forever Christmas (issued 24-10-2013)

Thank You very much Chasity!

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