Saturday, 18 July 2015

Germany: Friedrich Fröbel

Today I got eight postcards: seven from Germany and one from Iceland.

One of the cards from Germany shows various places in the German State of Thuringia related to Friedrich Fröbel. Friedrich Fröbel was born in 1782 in Oberweißbach. He is known for opening the World's first Kindergarten. He died in 1852 in Schweina. The card shows the Kindergarten in Bad Blankenburg, the Fröbel Museum in Bad Blankenburg, Fröbel's birth house, the Fröbel Tower in Oberweißbach, a bust and and the place where Fröbel invented the name "Kindergarten".
I got this card a few weeks ago in a cover.

EUROPA (issued 07-05-2015)
with a special postmark about the 175th anniversary of the first Kindergarten

Thank You very much Benni for sending me the card in an envelope!

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