Thursday, 14 July 2016

Belgium: St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen

On Monday I got nine postcards: three from Belgium, five from Japan and one from the Czech Rpublic.

One of the cards from Belgium shows the St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen. The tower of the St. Rumbold's Tower is as one of the Belfries of Belgium on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is known for its incompleteness. In 1985 the cathedral was visited by Pope John Paul II. 

Centenary of World War I (from set of five) (issued 13-06-2016)
In October 1916 the German Empire started to deport Belgian civilians. Until the deportations were stopped in February 1917 60000 persons were transported to be forced to labour.

Thank You very much Gerda!

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