Sunday, 10 July 2016

France: Calais

On Friday I got a postcard from France.

It shows various views of Calais. Calais is a city in northern France. It is an important ferry port and is located near the Channel Tunnel. During World War I it was a key port for the supply of the Western Front.

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Centenary of the Battle of Verdun (issued 30-05-2016)
The Battle of Verdun was one of the most important battles of World War I at the Western Front. The battle took place from February to December 1916 and was fought between the French and the German armies. The German Empire attacked Verdun not because of its strategic value but because of its symbolic power for the French nation. The battle ended without a big shift of the front. The Battle of Verdun was the first attrition warfare in World War I.

Thank You very much William!

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