Sunday, 10 July 2016

France: Le Havre

On Thursday I got a postcard from France.

It shows an aerial view of Le Havre. Le Havre is a city in the Normandy. It was occupied by German forces during World War II and became a part of the Atlantic Wall. In 1944 the city was nearly completely destroyed by bombings of the British Royal Air Force. Between 1945 and 1964 it was rebuilt by a team of architects headed by Auguste Perret, who had chosen concrete as main material for the reconstruction. The city is considered to be an exceptional example of architecture and town planning of the era after World War II. Today is Le Havre the largest commune of the Upper Normandy and has the second largest port of France. The rebuilt parts of Le Havre are since 2005 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

New Marianne Europe

Thank You very much Claas and Christine!

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