Sunday, 4 December 2016

Cards and Covers from Luxembourg

On Wednesday I got four postcards and two covers from Luxembourg.

The first card shows a map of the country.

EUROPA (whole set) (issued 10-05-2016)

The second card shows the coat of arms of Luxembourg's twelve Cantons.

175 years Penny Black (issued 22-09-2015)
Grand Duke Henri 0,05€ (issued 07-12-2010)
Vegetables of Yesteryear (from set of three) (issued 22-09-2015)

The third card is a cheat sheet.

Vegetables of Yesteryear (from set of three) (issued 22-09-2015)
New Campus of the University of Luxembourg (issued 03-03-2016)
The stamp is covered with silver foil.

The last card shows the Royal Family of Luxembourg.

With matching stamps:
15 years reign of Grand Duke Henri (issued 22-09-2015)
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Princess Alexandra & Prince Sébastien (whole set) (issued 03-03-2016)

Cover 1:
sepac (issued 13-09-2016)
350 years Virgin Mary as patroness of the City of Luxembourg (issued 13-09-2016)
It is a joint issue with the Vatican.
The Games of the XXXI Olympiad of Rio (issued 10-05-2016)

Cover 2:
Grand Duke Henri 0,01€ and 0,03€ (issued 01-10-2003)
Grand Duke Henri 0,05€ and 0,10€ (issued 07-12-2010)
Grand Duke Henri 0,25€ (issued 16-03-2004)
Grand Duke Henri 0,30€ (issued 01-10-2001)
Grand Duke Henri 0,50€ (issued 16-03-2004)

Thank You very much William!

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