Sunday, 11 December 2016

Germany: Mühlhausen

On Wednesday I got two postcards from Germany.

The first card shows various views of Mühlhausen. Mühlhausen is a city in the German State of Thuringia. During the Middle Ages it was one of the most important cities in Central Germany and remained a Free Imperial City until 1803. Johann Sebastian Bach was the organist of the local Divi Blasii Church (lower left corner) between 1707 and 1708. Today it is known for having one of the largest remaining medieval city centres in Germany.

Lighthouses (from set of two) (issued 12-07-2007)

The second card shows Mühlhausen's Saint Mary's Church. The Saint Mary's Church was built in the 14th century to compete with the Erfurt Cathedral. It is the second largest church in Thuringia and is said to be a masterpiece of the Gothic style. It was a centre of the German Peasants' War, as the revolutionary leader Thomas Müntzer became pastor of the church in 1525. In 1708 Bach's Gott ist mein König premiered in the church. Since 1975 it houses a museum about Thomas Müntzer.

Lighthouses (from set of two) (issued 03-07-2008)

Thank You very much Doreen!

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