Friday, 23 December 2016

cover from Germany

On Wednesday I got not only two postcards but also a cover from Germany.

Legends of the German TV - Raumpatroullie Orion (issued 01-09-2016)

Inside were three German postcards.

Two of them show the Grand Church of Emden. The Grand Church of Emden is an important site of the Reformation and the East Frisian history. Between 1542 and 1549 John a Lasco was pastor of the church. The church was destroyed during World War II, but in its remains the John a Lasco Library is found today.

The other card shows the Synagogue of Leer. The Synagogue of Leer was built in 1885. It was destroyed during the Pogroms of 1938 and was never rebuilt. Today there is a memorial near its former location.

Thank You very much Deike!

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