Sunday, 12 February 2017

Poland: map

On Thursday I got three postcards: one from Poland, one from Italy and one from Malaysia.

The card from Poland shows a map of the country. Poland is a country in Central Europe bordering on Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. In the late 18th century the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth disappeared from the European map and an independent Polish state was just re-established in 1918. In 1952 the country became under Communist rule, but in 1990 the modern democratic Polish Republic was established. It is a member of the NATO, the OECD and the United Nations and also joined the European Union in 2004. Warsaw is Poland's capital.

Polish Design - Syrena Sport (issued 30-12-2016)

Thank You very much Justyna!

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