Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Slovenia: Upper Carniola Region

On Saturday I got two postcards: one from Slovenia and one from Belgium.

The card from Slovenia shows various views of the Upper Carniola Region. The Upper Carniola Region is a traditional region in northwest Slovenia. It is home to many mountains and a popular destination for tourists. Parts of the Triglav National Park, Slovenia's only national park, and the Bled Island, Slovenia's only real island, are located in the region.

Year of the Rooster (issued 27-01-2017)
with First Day Special Postmark
Centenary of World War I (issued 04-11-2016)
The stamp shows Anton Koželj's postcard number 97 in the War in Pictures series. During World War I postcards were used as element of propaganda to strengthen patriotic feelings. War in Pictures was a series of Slovene postcards printed during the war, which often included lines from Slovene poets and various national motifs.
Svetozar Boroević von Bojna, the left man on the card, was an Austro-Hungarian field marshal. He was in charge during the Isonzo Battles and the Battle of the Piave River and is said to have been one of the finest defensive strategists of World War I. 

Thank You very much Mateja!

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