Saturday, 14 July 2018

United Kingdom: New Lanark

On Tuesday I got a postcard from the United Kingdom.

It shows New Lanark in Scotland. New Lanark is a village on the River Clyde. In 1785 David Dale founded a cotton mill in the village, which was powered by the river, and under his son-in-law Robert Owen New Lanark was turned into a model industrial community. Owen held the opinion that contented workers perform better and among others he thus built a school for the workers' children, abandoned corporal punishments and introduced a pension scheme and a type of health insurance. New Lanark prospered under his enlightened and at that time radical management. The mill was closed in 1968 and until the New Lanark Conservation Trust was founded in 1974, many buildings decayed. Today it is a popular tourist destination. New Lanark is an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage and since 2001 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Queen's Head

Thank You very much Claas!

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