Sunday, 13 January 2019

Moldovan Postcrossing Stamp and other new Stamps in my Collection

On Wednesday I got the stamps, which I have recently ordered in an online stamp shop.

Among the stamps I bought was the Moldovan Postcrossing stamp (issued 23-06-2018). 
If there is maybe somebody who can help me to get the stamp on a postcard from Moldova please comment below. I am also looking for the new Postcrossing postmark.

Did you know that the stamp shows a Moldovan children's book character? His name is Guguta and he was created by Spiridon Vangheli. Guguta was already shown on one of the Moldovan EUROPA stamps of 2010, which I now also have in my collection.

These are some other stamps I bought. You can see all of them on my stamp blog.

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