Monday, 21 January 2019

New Zealand: Kiwi

On Wednesday I got three postcards: one from New Zealand, one from Taiwan and one from Germany.

The card from New Zealand shows a Kiwi. Kiwis are small flightless and nocturnal birds which are endemic to New Zealand. Due to its unique appearance it became famous around the World. It is also a national icon of New Zealand.

With great matching stamps:
Round Kiwi (two from set of five) (issued 04-07-2018)
Round Kiwi stamps are issued since 1988 and 2018 the eighth version of them was issued. This time all five species of Kiwi are featured on the stamps. These two stamps show the Brown Kiwi and the Great Spotted Kiwi. The other three species are the Little Spotted Kiwi, the Tokoeka and the Rowi.

Thank You very much Sharon!

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