Thursday, 28 August 2014

France: Nancy

On 22nd August arrived three postcards: one from France and two from Germany.

The card from France shows the Place Stanislas in Nancy in Lorraine. Nancy was the residence of Stanislas Leszczynski, a king without a kingdom. Nancy is the first example of a capital enhancing not only the prestige of the sovereign but being also functional for the public. Since 1983 are the Place Stanislas, the Place de la Carrière and the Place d'Alliance in Nancy an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

General Mobilisation (issued 04-08-2014)
On 2nd August France mobilised its troops and entered the war on 3rd August alongside Russia (Triple Entente). The German Empire wanted to captured France according to the Schlieffen Plan through Belgium and Luxembourg. The Western Front was located in France. The Triple Entente won the war and France got back Alsace-Lorraine from the German Empire.

Thank You very much Phan!

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