Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Zealand: Museum of Wellington City and Sea

This is the 400th post on my blog! Thank You all of you for sending me all this nice postcards and covers with so many nice stamps!

On 15th August arrived six postcards: one from New Zealand, two from Germany, one from Spain, one from Malaysia and one from Slovakia.

The card from New Zealand shows the Museum of Wellington City and Sea. The Museum of Wellington City and Sea is a museum about the history of Wellington. It was founded in 1972 as maritime museum. Since 1989 it also houses other exhibitions on the history of Wellington. It was recently voted as one of the World's top 50 museums by The Times.

1914 For King and Empire (two from set of ten) (issued 29-07-2014)
New Zealand entered the World War I on 5th August 1914 alongside the Triple Entente. New Zealand sent nearly 100000 of its 1000000 civics to the war. Of this nearly 18500 did not come back. One of the New Zealandian left to the war was Melville Mirfin. He was a bank clerk from the South Island and signed up short after the proclamation. Melville Mirfin was one of the 1385 men having gone to Samoa to capture it as New Zealand's first duty in World War I from the Germans.

Thank You very much Sharon!

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