Saturday, 7 February 2015

Germany: Goslar

Today I got ten postcards: five from Germany, one from Indonesia, one from Taiwan, one from South Korea, one from the Philippines and one from Turkey.

One of the cards from Germany shows Goslar. Goslar is a city in Lower Saxony. Since 1992 is the Historic Town of Goslar on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
I sent this card to me after I recently visited Goslar.

Glücksburg Castle (from set of two) (issued 02-01-2013)

When I was in Goslar I also bought postcards showing famous sights.
Two of them show the marketplace.

The other two cards show the Imperial Palace of Goslar. The Imperial Palace of Goslar was the favourite residence of the Salian emperors. It is the oldest, largest and best-preserved secular building in Germany. On the card you can see very small the two replicas of the Brunswick Lion.

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