Sunday, 8 February 2015

World War I Centenary and Chinese New Year of the Isle of Man

Yesterday I got the stamps of the Isle of Man I ordered on line.

Among them were the stamps about the World War I Centenary. The stamps are the first of a five year series. The theme of the 2014 stamps (issued 19-02-2014) is Life in the Trenches. The stamps show photos taken during the war.

One of the stamps shows a photo taken during the Christmas Truce.
On 24th December 1914 and on the next days soldiers of the German Empire and Great Britain on the Western Front stopped the war and exchanged small gifts. The Christmas Truce was not authorised by the level of command. After a few days they began again to fight.

The accompanied miniature sheet (issued 19-02-2014) shows trench art.

I also bought the miniature sheet of the Year of the Snake (issued 08-02-2013) and of the Year of the Sheep (issued 02-01-2015).

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