Thursday, 5 February 2015

Russia: Buildings

Today I got five postcards: one from Russia, one from France, one from Lithuania and two from Singapore.

The card from Russia shows various buildings. As I can not read Russian I do not know which or in which city they are. Anyone knows?

World War I Centenary (two from set of four) (issued 31-07-2014)
The left stamp shows the Erzurum Offensive. The Erzurum Offensive was a winter offensive of the Imperial Russian Army against the Ottoman Empire. It took place in January and February 1916 and ended with the conquest of the strategic city Erzurum.
The right stamp commemorates the Russian Expeditionary Force in France. On request of France the Russian Empire sent a unit of brigade strength to fight at the Western front. They arrived in Marseille in 1916. The Russian Empire also sent a brigade to Greece.

Thank You very much Elena!

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