Saturday, 3 November 2018

World War I cover from Belgium

Last Friday I got not only two postcards but also a cover from Belgium.

World War I Centenary (from set of five) (issued 20-10-2018)
with First Day Special Postmark

Inside were a written and stamped postcard and a Belgian souvenir sheet.

The postcard shows many poppies on an old poster about Remembrance Day. The stamp is from the same set as the stamp on the cover and also has a First Day Special Postmark.

The souvenir sheet was also issued on the 20th October 2018 and is also about World War I. It combines many symbols of the war: an old photo of soldiers, memorials, the destroyed city of Ypres, John McCrae's In Flanders Fields and the poppy. The sheet itself is shaped like two poppies and has also a poppy postmark. It is for sure a true gem in my World War I collection!

Thank You very much Gerda!

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