Thursday, 23 June 2016

Australia: ANZAC Memorial in Albany

Today I got three postcards: one from Australia, one from Germany and one from New Zealand.

The card from Australia shows the ANZAC Memorial in Albany. Albany is a port city in Western Australia. In late 1914 was Albany the last place in Australia which the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps saw before their departure to Egypt.

With related stamps:
Centenary of World War I (whole set) (issued 12-04-2016)
In 1916 Australian troops were moved to the Western Front, where they were introduced to trench warfare. Later that year they also fought in the Battle of the Somme. Also in 1916 a referendum was held in Australia about a possibly conscription, which was won by the "no" votes. 
Matron Grace Wilson got the Royal Red Cross in 1916.

Thank You very much Nareeda!

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