Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Germany: Market Church in Halle an der Saale

On Monday I got a postcard from Germany.

It shows the Market Church in Halle an der Saale. The Market Church was built between 1529 and 1554. Actually the church was planned as prestigious church for Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg and as bulwark against the sprawling Lutheran ideas, but in fact it became the place where Justus Jonas introduced the Reformation to Halle in 1541. Also Martin Luther preached in the church and after his death his corpse was laid out there. The church is also connected to the beginnings of Pietism and Enlightenment. Destroyed during World War II it was rebuilt shortly after.
I got this card a few weeks ago in a cover.

500 years Reformation (issued 13-04-2017)
with a special postmark also showing the Market Church

Thank You very much Amelie for sending me the card in an envelope!

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