Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Japan: Seison-Kaku Pavilion

On 18th March I got two postcards: one from Japan and one from France.

The card from Japan shows the Seison-Kaku Pavilion in the Ishikawa prefecture. The Seison-Kaku Pavilion was built in 1863 by Maeda Nariyasu for his mother. Maeda Nariyasu was the 13th daimyo of the Kaga Clan. The Seison-Kaku pavilion is one of the few buildings in Japan showing possessions of a daimyo family in their original surroundings. 

50th anniversary of the Shinkansen (from set of ten) (issued 01-10-2014)
with a special Shinkansen postmark

Thank You very much Keiko!

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