Thursday, 22 October 2015

cover from Italy

On 8th October I got not only nine postcards but also two covers including one from Italy.

Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships (issued 19-08-2015)

Inside was an Italian souvenir sheet about the Centenary of World War I (issued 24-05-2015). The stamps show Italian military operations in the sky, in the mountains, at the sea and in the trenches.
Francesco Baracca (upper left stamp) was an Italian aviation ace and one of the most succesful Italian fighter pilots of World War I. He was involved in 63 aerial combats and shot down 34 enemy airplanes. He was later shot down by Austrian rifle fire.
The upper right and lower left stamps show a mountain artillery position of the Alpini Corps of the Italian Army and a MAS torpedo armed motorboat of the Italian Navy.
The Battle of Gorizia (lower right stamp), also known as Sixth Battle of the Isonzo, was a battle fought between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy in August 1916. It was Italy's most successfull offensive along the Isonzo river in World War I and ended with the conquest of Gorizia.

Thank You very much Giuseppe!

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