Saturday, 3 October 2015

France: World War I memorials in Souain-Perthes-lès-Hurlus

On Wednesday I got three postcards: one from France, my first card from Benin and one from Russia.

The card from France shows three World War I memorials in Souain-Perthes-lès-Hurlus, which were built in remembrance of the Battles of Champagne.
The villages of Souain and Perthes-lès-Hurlus were highly involved in World War I as their region was hard-fought between France and the German Empire. In 1915 Souain was also the venue of a French armoured vehicle test. After World War I the two devastated villages joined together.
The First Battle of Champagne was fought by France and the United Kingdom against the German Empire. It took place between December 1914 and March 1915. It was the first Allied offensive against the German Empire since the end of the mobile warfare. The Second Battle of Champagne was a French offensive against the German Empire between September and November 1915. The Third Battle of Champagne was fought in September 1917. 
The memorials on the card are the Navarin Ossuary Monument, the Cimetière de la Légion étrangère and the Cimetière de la Ferme des Wacques.
The card is a maxicard. The stamp is personalised and shows also the Navarin Ossuary Monument.

New Marianne 0,10€
with the same special postmark as on the front side showing also the Navarin Ossuary Monument

Thank You very much Axel!

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