Friday, 9 October 2015

Germany: Schmalkalden

On Tuesday I got two cards: one from Germany and my first card from the Australian Antarctic Territory.

The card from Germany shows various views of Schmalkalden in the German State of Thuringia. In 1531 the Schmalkaldic League, a defensive alliance of Lutheran princes within the Holy Roman Empire, was founded in Schmalkalden. The league was broke up after Emperor Charles V's victory in the Schmalkaldic War, 1546 to 1547. The card shows among others the Pewter Figure Museum (lower left corner) and the St. George's Church (lower row middle), where Martin Luther gave a sermon.
I got this card a few weeks ago in a cover.

Lily of the Valley (issued 06-05-2010)
with a special postmark from the Thuringian State Horticulture Show held in the city

Thank You very much Corinna for sending me the card in an envelope!

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