Thursday, 4 September 2014

Germany: Zoo in Magdeburg

Today I got four postcards: three from Germany and one from Belgium.

One of the cards from Germany shows a chimpanzee at the Zoo in Magdeburg. The Zoo in Magdeburg was opened in 1950 and houses 1000 animals from 180 species. In 2014 opened the new ape house housing now a family of chimpanzees from Münster.
I sent this card to myself when I recently visited Magdeburg.

With a matching private post stamp (issued by biber post)
The Deutsche Post again pasted a label on the stamp, but this time I removed it thus is the stamp a little bit damaged. :(

In the Zoo I also bought three other cards. One of them shows the snow leopard Otto III, another shows a Rothschild's giraffe baby and the last one shows a black rhinoceros.

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