Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Russia: Tula Arms Plant

Today I got six postcards: one from Russia, one from Hong Kong, one from Japan, one from Germany, one from Portugal and one from Greece.

The card from Russia shows the Monument to Peter the Great in front of the Tula Arms Plant. The Tula Arms Plant was founded in 1712 as Tula Arsenal. During the World War I the Tula Arsenal was one of the main defence contractors for the Russian Army. In the Soviet era it was called Tula Arms Plant.

World War I Centenary (two from set of four) (issued 31-07-2014)
Russia entered the World War I on 1st August 1914. Russia was the protecting power of the Balkans and thus promised Serbia succour for a war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Central Powers fought a war on two fronts with Russia in the East and France in the West. After the October Revolution the new leaders of Russia closed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the Central Powers and thus lost much territory. The stamps show the Osovets and the Brusilov offensive. 

Thank You very much Kira!

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