Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Japan: Enryaku-ji Temple

This is the 25th time that I get post from Japan. Thank You everybody having sent to me a card or a cover! And big Thanks to the people having sent me the Gotochi cards!

Today I got six postcards: one from Japan, one from Germany, one from Portugal, one from Greece, one from Russia and one from Hong Kong.

The card from Japan shows a part of the Enryaku-ji Temple in the Shiga prefecture. The Enryaku-ji Temple was founded in 788 by Saicho and is located on Mount Hiei in Otsu where it overlooks Kyoto. It is the headquarters of the Tendai sect. Since 1994 is the Enryaku-ji Temple together with the other Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto in Kyoto and Uji an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With nice stamps:
Snoopy and Friends (two from set of twenty) (issued 19-08-2014)
with two different First Day Special Postmarks
The Peanuts are an American series of comic strips by Charles M. Schulz. The series was published between 1950 and the author's death in 2000. Schulz enacted that the series should not be continued after his death. The series is about the inconsistency of the human life and is played by suburban kids. The stamps shows Snoopy with Woodstock on his dog house and Snoopy with Sally Brown at the dining table.

Thank You very much Keiko!

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