Saturday, 13 September 2014

Japan: Tomioka Silk Mill

Today I got four postcards: two from Japan, one from Singapore and one from San Marino.

One of the cards from Japan shows the East Cocoon Warehouse at the Tomioka Silk Mill in the Gunma prefecture. The Tomioka Silk Mill was established in 1872 by the Japanese Government with machines from France. It marks Japan's entry into the modern and industrialised era. Since 2014 is the Tomioka Silk Mill with the Related Sites an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With nice stamps:
Year of the Horse 1966 (issued 10-12-1965)
Year of the Sheep 1967 (issued 10-12-1966)
Year of the Dragon 2012 (from set of two) (issued 11-11-2011)
Year of the Dragon 1976 (issued 13-12-1975)
with a special postmark for the new Autumn greeting stamps

Thank You very much Ai!

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