Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ross Dependency: Scott Base

Today I got two postcards: my first card from the Ross Dependency (it is my first one from Antarctica) and one from Germany.

Antarctica is the southern-most continent and also the coldest, driest, and windiest continent. The Antarctic Treaty of 1959 prohibits the military use of Antarctica. Antarctica is mainly inhabited. Antarctica is claimed by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Norway, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

The Ross Dependency is the part of Antarctica claimed by New Zealand. In 1923 New Zealand formalised its claim but because of the Antarctic Treaty it is not recognised by the most countries. 

The card shows the Scott Base. The Scott Base is a research facility operated by New Zealand. It is located near the Mount Erebus. 

With three New Zealandian stamps and ... :
Definitive (from set of six) (issued 01-07-2009)
Definitive (from set of seven) (issued 09-05-2007)
Legendary Landmarks (from set of eighteen) (issued 02-07-2014)

... one nice stamp of the Ross Dependency:
Antarctic Food Web-Krill (from set of five) (issued 20-11-2013)
The krill is the food source for most Antarctic animals. This just 6cm long crustaceans live their 6 years of life in swarms of sometimes 30000 of them per cubic metre. The krill is maybe the most abundant species of the World.
The stamps of Ross Dependency are issued by New Zealand Post since 1957 and after a break from 1987 to 1994 they are again issued. The Ross Dependency Agency processing the mail from the Ross Dependency is located in Christchurch.

Thank You very much Amy!

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